Bento pianist. YUKIO

Happy New Year to all English speakers! It’s already been 15 days since the new year and you don’t get that greeting! How are you doing? I’m not sure if this is the correct translation for this Deepl. (laughs)

Now, I’m going to talk about bento in Japan.” A “bento” is a portable meal consisting of a box of rice and some other food items. Whenever Japanese people go on a field trip, they always bring a bento box with them. The bento box is delicious, especially if your mother got up early that morning to make it for you!
As we all know, the staple food of the Japanese is white rice. So they fill half of the bento box with white rice and the other half with grilled fish, vegetables, or for today’s children, hamburgers, and take them on a picnic.
It is not only for picnics, but also for lunch at school. All the kids look forward to seeing what’s in the lunch box and open the lid of the box.

When I was in high school, I used to bring my own lunch to school, but since my mother was not around, my father made it for me. There were not many side dishes, and I remember being embarrassed to open the lid of the lunch box. (laughs).

As you can see, Japanese people love bento. (laughs) One of the most favorite things for Japanese people is to take a train to a destination and eat a bento while enjoying the view from the window. You won’t find this kind of habit anywhere else in the world. (Laughter)
This bento is called ekiben. TRAIN STATION is called “EKI” in Japanese. There are many types of ekiben, and different types are sold in different regions of Japan. By eating these ekiben, Japanese people feel the emotion of traveling.
The other day, I heard on the TV news that “Torimeshi”, a famous ekiben from Akita prefecture in Japan, will be sold at Gare de Lyon in Paris for six months only. I am not from Akita, but I have eaten “Torimeshi” on a trip to Akita, and it was very delicious.

Parisians have a very good sense of taste! That’s a Parisian! (laughs)
(laughs) If you take a train from Paris and eat ekiben while watching the scenery from the train window, I’m sure the scenery you see all the time will look different. When you do, download my songs to your smart phone and listen to them as background music! (laughs)
You may be able to see Mt. Fuji over the Seine River.


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Bonsai Music

Hello, everyone in the world. There are many things in the world that I, as a Japanese, do not know, but there are also many things about Japan that you do not know.

This time, I would like to talk about Bonsai in Japan.” Bonsai is a unique hobby of planting trees, grasses and mosses in pots and appreciating their appearance. Bonsai reflects the unique aesthetic sense of the Japanese, and is completely different from the sensibility of gardening in Europe and America.

Perhaps it is because Japanese people have a slightly different sense of looking at the landscape than Caucasians. Originally, there were no parks in Japan. Nature existed within the home, and there was no need to share it with others as a public thing. I feel that assimilating with nature, rather than dominating it, is an ancient value of the Japanese mind. Bonsai is the symbolic expression of this Japanese aesthetic sense in a pot.

Just as Europeans, Americans, and Japanese may take a picture of the same landscape, but it will be completely different, so too will the music be completely different depending on the ethnic group. Unfortunately, for the past 100 years or so, Japanese people have been copying American and European politics, economic systems, and even culture in everything they do. Most people think that their country, Japan, is a developed country, and even at the Chopin Competition the other day, they make a big deal when someone plays the piano like a white man and wins a prize.

But on the other hand, there are many people who are trying to protect the ancient Japanese tradition.

Bonsai is also changing slightly compared to the past. There used to be no such thing as small bonsai, but nowadays there are small potted bonsai. (laughs) It seems that Japanese bonsai is becoming popular in Europe as well, and there was a special program on TV about it.

When I see European people’s bonsai on TV, as a Japanese, I think it’s a little different. However, I think that if the bonsai has European characteristics, it will have a good flavor.

Actually, I had a really small bonsai in front of my house, but it was stolen one day. (laughs) Too bad. They stole my bonsai, but they didn’t steal my music! My music is only in my heart.

Would you like to listen to my music like this! I believe that the Japanese sense of beauty is quite full of it.(laughs) It’s not like the recent Japanese music I mentioned above, which has only been copying American and European music! Listening to my original songs while gazing at the bonsai trees is soothing.

Don’t just listen to English songs, let’s listen to Japanese songs once in a while! After all, multi-ethnic coexistence is the most important thing in the world right now.

Music is now available. If you have any questions, please email me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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Shibuya Scramble Crossing

Hello everyone in the world! Today’s Japan is Sunday. It feels good to see the sun shining through the windows of the house. However, winter is approaching and the wind is getting colder.

According to yesterday’s news, a new mutant of coronavirus was found in South Africa, which is called Omicron. Will Omicron spread all over the world? Looking at the news, it seems that the coronavirus is spreading again in Europe, but in Japan, the number of corona patients is strangely decreasing, and all the Japanese media are wondering.

There are various speculations that the cause is that all the Japanese people have been vaccinated all at once, or that all the Japanese are wearing masks, but no one really knows. When I watch American and European news on TV, no one wears a mask outside, but in Japan, almost everyone wears a mask and goes out. I don’t know why this difference is made, but Japanese people like masks. (smile)

Whenever I go out, I always wear a mask when I go out, but I wonder if it makes sense to wear a mask outside, but wearing a mask is not that annoying, and it’s better to wear it than not. Some people lightly think that they are less likely to get the coronavirus.

It is often said that there is social sympathetic pressure in Japan, but I think there is probably such a tendency. I sometimes see foreigners remaining in Tokyo in the city, but they also wear masks as well as Japanese people. Perhaps they didn’t wear masks like in the US and Europe at first, but they noticed that they were seen with contempt by the Japanese around them, and I think they were reluctant to adapt to Japanese customs. increase.

Due to the coronavirus, there are almost no foreign tourists in Japan. The other day, I went to the city of Shibuya for the first time in a long time, but I hardly saw any foreigners at the scrambled intersection in front of the station. Previously, foreigners often took commemorative photos at this scrambled intersection in Shibuya, but now only Japanese people come and go. However, as the corona infection has subsided, too many people have come and gone.

Will many foreign tourists take a commemorative photo at this scrambled intersection in Shibuya? I hope that those safe and peaceful days will return. At that time, go across while listening to my original Japanese song on your smartphone.

It feels like the Beatles are crossing Abbey Road. (smile)

AOYAMA sherbet

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Natto power

By the way, everyone who doesn’t speak Japanese! Gobusatashiteorimasu. How were you Does anyone read this blog! ??
This time, I introduced it once before, but I would like to take up the Japanese food “natto” again.

What is “natto”? It is a fermented food made by fermenting soybeans with natto bacteria. When “natto” is mixed with chopsticks, it becomes sticky and gives off a unique odor. Put it on white rice and eat it. All foreigners hate this “natto”, but all Japanese people east of Tokyo love it! However, Japanese people west of Osaka don’t like “natto”. (Laughs) I have a habit of eating “natto” every morning. Each person eats “natto” by mixing various things as he likes, but I love to mix and eat the representative chopped green onions. And usually Japanese people eat “natto” with soy sauce (Japanese soul sauce! Lol), but I don’t sprinkle soy sauce! What is it! I may be Japanese, not Japanese.

And every morning, I had the “natto” rice and miso soup. Natto rice and miso soup are Japanese breakfast scenes. (Laughs) In this way, my body moves with “natto” power. English songs are good, but Japanese songs with “natto” power are also good!

I think “natto” is quietly placed in the corner of Japanese food in supermarkets around the world, so why not try it once? At that time, try eating while listening to my original song. It’s so delicious that you may be impressed! Or maybe you’ll fall into hell. (smile)

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Soba musician YUKIO

In Japan, the state of emergency was finally lifted in October. Everyone seems to be going out somewhere, and my neighbor seems to have gone on a trip. As for me, I’m writing this blog. Today, I’m only going to listen to classical music at a coffee shop for about an hour.

It’s a beautiful day again, and I’m sure the city will be crowded with people. I just hope that the coronavirus won’t spread again.

On days like this, Japanese people love to eat cold soba noodles. Let’s talk about soba this time. Soba is a type of noodle unique to Japan that is not found in Europe or the United States. Soba is made from buckwheat flour, flour(tsunagi), and water, and is served in a soy sauce-based soup that Japanese people love. The most important thing to remember is to suck up the soba with a lot of noise.

Zzzzzz !

and eat it.

This is Tokyo style. (laughs)

The most recommended topping for this soba is tempura. Tempura and soba are the perfect combination, and the taste is out of this world. It is as good as French or Chinese food.

tenpura and soba

That’s why I’m a soba musician. (laughs) I’m a tempura singer. (laughs) Why don’t you listen to my original Japanese songs while eating soba? It has a depth that you won’t find in English songs. (laughs)

Autumn breeze

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