YUKIO Japanese original song. Please enjoy the difference between the guitar and piano version.

GINZA MODE guiter version

Hello. I am YUKIO.

I actually play guitar and piano. There are many guitar and piano versions of the same song but arranged differently. A song with the theme of “Ginza”, a representative city in Japan, the song “Ginza Mode” is one of them.

I have uploaded the guitar and piano versions to youtube separately. Please enjoy the difference.Music distribution

GINZA MODE piano version


Hello everyone. This time, I will introduce a song called “ON MY WAY BACK HOME AFTER WORK”.

This song is the lyrics that on the way back from work, under the night sky, remembering old girlfriends and crying. The main charactor cries a lot without worrying about the eyes of others.

As a matter of fact, I also cried all night. It expresses the emotion at that time. Please listen.Music distribution


This time I would like to introduce my song “GOING BACK TO MY HOME TOWN”.

This song is the lyrics that my father always scole me when I return home in summer and winter. In the summer there are “the voice” of cicadas. and in winter it is snowing. It is a typical landscape of Japan. At the end of my father’s preaching to me, he always say that only my health should be taken care of.

Every parent in the world is concerned about their children. I wanted to express such parental love in this song.Music distribution

Drinking sake, together.

Today I would like to introduce my own original song. The song title is “Drinking sake, together.”

This song is a song that remembers the time of the funeral that my wife’s father died. It is set that the people who came to the funeral and the father of the wife who went to heaven exchange the last greeting while drinking sake through my song. Whenever I sing this song, I can not stop tears.

In Japan, there is a good wine called sake made from rice. Will you go drinking sake with me?

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natto singer YUKIO

I wrote earlier that I like natto, but I ate natto this morning.

Natto is good for health. Japanese do not eat only sushi, and we also eat natto.

There is no word natto power, but I declare a natto singer here.

To people who like natto all over the world! Would you like to listen to my Japanese natto song?

There is also a song called Serenade for the dinner. This song is a song that follows memories with old girlfriend while eating natto. Please listen by all means. Music distribution