Japan will end the Heisei era tonight.

Hello world everyone. I am Japanese and sing an original song by myself. Many Japanese people are not very interested in my song. But it is really a very good song. Believe please. (Lol)

So I launched this blog to have people in the world listen to my songs. But I can not speak English. So there is no choice but to use Google Translate. Google translation is useful, but it also translates into unknown translation.
I’m sorry if English is different, but I think it would be nice if I could convey my feelings.
It’s a Japanese song, but it’s a good song.
Do you not listen?

Japan will end the Heisei era tonight. A new era of REIWA begins, and the Tokyo Olympics will be held next year. But I have nothing to do with it.

How long will I sing a song that nobody listens to? Maybe I will keep singing until I die. People who want to laugh at me should laugh but I will not stop singing.
I can not speak English, but please listen to my song.Music distribution

The current Imperial era, named “Heisei”, will come to an end in Japan.

Hello everyone. Japan will be on holiday for 10 days from tomorrow. The Japanese are excited about the change of the Emperor. There are many people who travel abroad for vacations, but there are many who want to visit shrines and temples this year.

Speaking of me, I do not do anything else, I just return home and see my father. My hometown is Toyama. It is a rather cold city, but in May I think that the cherry blossoms are already falling.

My father is old and still energetic and driving a car. Recently in Japan, elderly people often have traffic accidents, so my father is worried that he may not repel someone by car.

Japan is likely to be only old people. I am getting older too. What will it be like? But I feel better to enjoy getting old. Music distribution


Hello, world everyone. I am Japanese and sing an original Japanese song. I can not speak English well, but I think my song will be transmitted to English speakers.

This time I introduce a song called “NIGHT BEACH”. The story is as follows. Two friends who met each other for the first time in the seaside on the night miss the old days. However, they realize that they can never return to the past, and then leave. Only the sound of rippling can be heard on the remaining beach.

It is a difficult song. It is a Japanese song, but would you like to listen? Music distribution


Hello. Japan today is fine weather.

This time I would like to introduce the piano version and the guitar version of my song “SERENADE FOR THE DINNER”. The basic composition is piano. I will explain the lyrics of this song. The main character is having a lonely dinner alone. And he remembers an old girlfriend and wants to eat the food she has made just tonight.

I sing with a fancy tension code, but it is actually a complex composition. I hope to play this song in a band version someday, but it may not be alive. (Lol) Please listen by all means. Music distribution

Dear Hanako

Hello everyone. This time I would like to introduce my song “Dear Hanako”.

I of the main character was very poor and lived in an apartment without a bath. In Japan, there is a communal bath called “sento” for those who do not have a bath at home. “Hanako” is my girlfriend. I went to this “sento” with “Hanako” and saw her face on the way back, and her face was so beautiful and surprised. Is “Hanako” good for my girlfriend?

“Hanako” is too beautiful .

Under the starry sky, they walk towards the apartment. After returning home, the two eat ramen cooked by “Hanako”. And watch TV. I sometimes argue with her, but at the end we make up with each other. I do not know how long I can live such a happy life, but I was determined to want to be with “Hanako” as much as possible.

There are two versions of “Dear Hanako”, the guitar version and the piano version. The piano version has a bass line. It is a Japanese-style melody, so please listen.

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