Actually I studied French when I was young.

The other day I confessed that my father was an English teacher but he had never been abroad, but this time I would like to introduce myself.
Actually I was studying French when I was a university student. I studied for four years, but now I can not speak French at all. What did I study for? But it was not a waste. I studied French to write this blog. If you do not use a language, you will forget everything. In order to study French again, I pulled out of the old French textbooks.
I have a feeling that I studied French so much when I was young, but it is meaningless if I do not use French. I change my feelings and try to study French again. And I want to go to France someday. Will anyone of French who is interested in Japan be my friend? If so, my French development may be a little faster.
And can you listen to my original Japanese song? I think there is no such song around you. Thank you for reading this sentence. I dream of being able to meet you someday somewhere. Music distribution

Japan is getting hot like midsummer now

Today is Sunday. Japan is now fiercely hot. There are many people with heat stroke in various places in the heat of midsummer although it is still May. Even if I went out for a while, I was sweating very much. I’m drinking iced coffee now.
How long has Japan been so hot? I think it’s probably about 30 years here. After all it may be the influence of global warming.
As it was hot yesterday, I went to Jingu Stadium to watch baseball. The wind blew and I felt good, but there were too many people and I came home in the middle of the game. The chair is too small and narrow. And because Japanese people like to support teams in groups, people like me who are out of the groups have no place to stay.
If it is a dome-shaped stadium like the Tokyo Dome, cooling may be effective, but if it leaves the audience seat and enters the building, the Shingu stadium is hot and it can not be helped.
I have been drinking beer while sticking the beef stew at the game and so on.
However, Japanese like baseball so much that they drown. Recently, football is popular among young people, but as long as I went to the baseball stadium yesterday, baseball is still popular. I also go to watching baseball quite a bit, but I have never watched football.
If so many people come to watch a baseball game, I wondered if one of them would not come to my show. Won’t you come aboard and watch my live show?
It is impossible unless President Trump who came to Japan yesterday.
Music distribution


Today is Sunday. I always go to the next town Nakano on Sundays. Nakano has a building called Broadway, and there are various shops in it. Unlike the real Broadway in New York, no musicals are played, but there is a Japanese-style figure shop and so on.
Recently, a lot of foreigners have visited, and more than half seem to be tourists from overseas.
There is a record shop specializing in Japanese enka in Nakano Broadway. Enka singers are holding mini-lives in the shop, but I also plan to sing there.
But I am not an enka singer.
I may not be able to sing at the store, but there are songs that are somewhat similar to Enka. Let me introduce the song this time. It is a song called “sea”. Actually there is no drum in this song. In this live video I only play the guitar but in the recording I only have two guitars and a bass. It’s different from Western music. I would like to release this song a little later. For now, please listen to this guitar version. Music distribution

Old photo of baby age

Old photo of baby age

This is an old picture I was held by my father when I was a baby. There is only black and white photography in the age when color photography is not widespread yet. A Japanese house used to be made of basic wood, and as the picture above shows, my house was also a wooden house. I have a father of about 30 years old, an older sister above and a younger sister below. My father is still alive and he will be 89 years old this year.
In fact, my father was a high school English teacher. Although he has been teaching English for over 30 years, he has never been abroad and has never boarded an airplane. I guess he does not like flying.
I can not speak English for my English teacher’s children. (Lol)
I wonder if my head is bad?
I would like to study English anew when I write this blog, but it is hard because I don’t have enough time. This is also an excuse.
However, I am good at singing original Japanese songs. The words are different but it is a good song. I sing various songs. Please listen by all means. Music distribution

It has been getting hotter.

Hello everyone. I will write a blog after a long time.
Japan is getting hotter and it will be rainy season after some time. It is a day when the humidity rises and you can not live without opening the window. However, our house is built in a dense area, so if you open the window you will be able to see from the next house. It is quite noisy when a child in the next house cries, but I can not do anything. I do not want to hear the voice of the next person, but I can hear it.
I feel that Japan is narrow.
I would like to move to a more spacious location but unfortunately I have no money. If you like my music, can you buy it? I’m kidding, but I’m doing good music, so please listen.
Thank you. Music distribution