Way back to home

Hello World. Yesterday was my original music concert. However, no customer comes as usual. I think I’m making a good song myself. Why don’t other people understand? It can not be helped to complain.
I took a picture of the way home at night. It is under the overpass of the railroad track. There are not many people in the photo, but various people are walking in the middle of the night. I came back down this road. I’m glad I’m hoping to get back in the future while skipping. Music distribution

Bonsai Soul

What is shown in this photo is a moss ball. It is a kind of bonsai that Japan boasts. This moss ball was left in my garden and gave water this morning. Japanese people like moss.
Some people in Japan are making a living with bonsai. Bonsai, in particular, looks cool in summer. The green of moss is kind to eyes. Would you like to come to Japan and look at bonsai? And please listen to my original song. You may see the bonsai soul. Music distribution


Today’s Japan is hot. Cool days continued this year, but it has finally become hot. I want to go on a trip when summer comes. But in recent years there has been nowhere to go. Unfortunately there are no plans for a summer trip again this year. If I do not get a good job, I will not be happy no matter where I go. I’m just going to a nearby spa.
In Japan’s summer, a lot of moths are loud and noisy. However, Japanese people think that summer has come when they hear the roaring cry. The Japanese go to the grave in summer, but there is a roar ringing around the grave. Obon, August 15th, but all Japanese will return to their parents’ home. And we offer our ancestors. I sing the original song of the Japanese homecoming. Please listen. Music distribution

Want to listen to Japanese songs that nobody in the world knows?

Hello, everyone speaks English. How many people are there in the world? I live in Japan, which is in the corner of Asia. Since we usually speak Japanese, we are not good at speaking English too much. I also sing in Japanese. But this should not be! I want people in the world to listen to my Japanese songs more. I do not think that my song is completely defeated by famous English songs. I compose various songs. Would you like to listen to my original song? It is a little different from the song you always listen to. Please listen by all means! Music distribution

Japanese reggae

It has just rained now. Japan is the rainy season. I feel that there is a lot of rain this year. In the Kyushu region, it is news that many people are evacuated by heavy rain.
Full-scale summer begins when the rainy season is over. I would like to introduce a song that suits summer in my song. The song title is “STANDING STILL”.
I used to work as a part-time worker for security guards, and I had to stand for a long time, and even if I wanted to sit I couldn’t sit. The rhythm is reggae, and unlike the soft reggae here and there, it is a Bob Marley-style hard reggae.
It is Japanese reggae, but it is good! Do you not listen? Music distribution