I’m a Japanese singer who sings original Japanese songs that even Japanese people don’t know.

Hello, everyone. I’m a Japanese singer who sings original Japanese songs that even Japanese people don’t know. (Laughs)
Most Japanese people want to imitate Americans and Europeans all the time. They think their faces are Oriental, but their hearts are white. Japanese TV commercials are full of white models.

Japanese popular songs are a little different from those popular in the U.S. and Europe, and I think many of them are quite detailed. My original songs use even stranger chord progressions and so on than such Japanese popular songs. To tell the truth, I grew up listening to American black music such as blues and jazz, and rarely listened to Japanese popular songs. (laughs).

This time, I would like to introduce one of my songs, “I feel fine,” which I have uploaded to SoundCloud.
I feel fine” is a song that I created under the influence of jazz and funk music, and the interlude is an endless piano solo. This song came to me early in the morning while I was riding my bike through the woods. It was the moment when the forest fairy landed in my head. (laughs)

Musically, it is a very difficult song. I think it is common knowledge that Western music songs use either major or minor scales, but this song is neither major nor minor.
This song is neither major nor minor. Black blues uses a minor scale on a major chord, but this song is the opposite, it uses a major scale on a minor chord. This is the weirdest original Japanese song I’ve ever heard! It’s good to listen to an oriental song once in a while, instead of just listening to English popular songs!

Please listen to “I feel fine” and feel better!
Please listen to “I feel fine” and cheer yourself up! If you like it, please buy it. If you like it, please buy it. I hope to meet you someday, somewhere…

Music is available now. This is the 10th song of “YUKIO PIANO”.

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I’ll keep singing my original song until I die!

Hello everyone. How are you? What! Probably no one is reading this blog. I don’t understand English well and write it. (Lol)

When I introduce myself again, I am a rare singer-songwriter in the world who sings original Japanese songs and does not even listen to Japanese people. (Lol)

I’m writing this blog to sell my original song. My song is so original that the Japanese around me can’t understand it and don’t accept it. (Laughs) But I won’t lose. I’ll keep singing my original song until I die! (Lol)

The Internet removes the world of human beings who are moving in a narrow range such as nationality or ethnicity. That’s why I started blogging in English, French and Spanish other than Japanese.

It was good to start, but I don’t know the language so much, so I’m using Google Translate, but I’m wondering if it matches. (Laughs) Actually, I would like to make pages in Chinese, Hangul, and Malay in Southeast Asia in addition to these three words, but I have no time.

At first, this blog was updated about once a week, but it has dropped to about once a month. (Laughs) However, I haven’t given up yet! Good songs should reach others, even in different languages! I believe that even if we are from different ethnic groups, we feel the same as human beings!

By all means! Why don’t you listen to my original Japanese song! ?? It’s fun to feel the sensibility of the oriental people. It’s a message to you who are enjoying music on the other side of the globe. nice to meet you! (Lol)

Music is being distributed

My way-original song