Bento pianist. YUKIO

Happy New Year to all English speakers! It’s already been 15 days since the new year and you don’t get that greeting! How are you doing? I’m not sure if this is the correct translation for this Deepl. (laughs)

Now, I’m going to talk about bento in Japan.” A “bento” is a portable meal consisting of a box of rice and some other food items. Whenever Japanese people go on a field trip, they always bring a bento box with them. The bento box is delicious, especially if your mother got up early that morning to make it for you!
As we all know, the staple food of the Japanese is white rice. So they fill half of the bento box with white rice and the other half with grilled fish, vegetables, or for today’s children, hamburgers, and take them on a picnic.
It is not only for picnics, but also for lunch at school. All the kids look forward to seeing what’s in the lunch box and open the lid of the box.

When I was in high school, I used to bring my own lunch to school, but since my mother was not around, my father made it for me. There were not many side dishes, and I remember being embarrassed to open the lid of the lunch box. (laughs).

As you can see, Japanese people love bento. (laughs) One of the most favorite things for Japanese people is to take a train to a destination and eat a bento while enjoying the view from the window. You won’t find this kind of habit anywhere else in the world. (Laughter)
This bento is called ekiben. TRAIN STATION is called “EKI” in Japanese. There are many types of ekiben, and different types are sold in different regions of Japan. By eating these ekiben, Japanese people feel the emotion of traveling.
The other day, I heard on the TV news that “Torimeshi”, a famous ekiben from Akita prefecture in Japan, will be sold at Gare de Lyon in Paris for six months only. I am not from Akita, but I have eaten “Torimeshi” on a trip to Akita, and it was very delicious.

Parisians have a very good sense of taste! That’s a Parisian! (laughs)
(laughs) If you take a train from Paris and eat ekiben while watching the scenery from the train window, I’m sure the scenery you see all the time will look different. When you do, download my songs to your smart phone and listen to them as background music! (laughs)
You may be able to see Mt. Fuji over the Seine River.


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