I started studying English.

As for the book pictured above, I actually started studying English. (lol) I can’t speak English at all, but since I started this blog, I’ve always relied on Google Translate to write, but there are many parts that I feel are quite different, so I can’t speak English myself. I thought I had no choice but to study. (smile)

Japanese people basically study English in junior high school and high school, but it’s like studying to improve their academic grades. It is limited only to those who work with I was no exception, and from the moment I graduated from school, I had no chance to come into contact with English at all, so I forgot everything I learned in my youth. (Laughs) As long as you don’t use words, you will forget them.

So despite my age, I made up my mind! Even though I only intend to sing original songs in Japanese, I have to explain my songs to everyone who speaks English, so I want to be able to talk about that in English. After all, it’s a Japanese song, so I don’t want you to study Japanese from the top down, but the identity is in the Japanese language. I have to explain. So I started studying English.

However, it is impossible to be able to speak English all of a sudden, and although I am writing this blog using Google Translate, I hope that eventually I will be able to speak to everyone in English that I have come up with on my own. It’s my dream

The book in the picture is an English textbook for beginners in junior high school in Japan. NHK, the national broadcaster of Japan, broadcasts daily for those who want to learn English. I listened to it every night for the first time last week. I felt like I was in middle school. (Laughs) I don’t know how long this practice will last, but if you really want your original songs to be heard by English-speaking people, they will.

Could you teach me real life English? And please listen to my original Japanese song! ?

my feeling

You can download YUKIO original Japanese songs! Would you like to listen? You can also listen to it. (Security is being strengthened. Rest assured!)

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