Is the coronavirus pandemic over?

Has the coronavirus pandemic ended? Recently, I have been seeing many foreign tourists when I walk around town. Some of them are not wearing masks. The reason why I tell you this is because all Japanese people still wear masks. The government recommends that they can take off their masks only when they go out and take a walk, but no one wants to take off their masks. Even though they don’t take their masks off when they are outside, they are often seen wearing them indoors, such as in a coffee shop. (Laughs) It seems to me that this is a contradiction in terms.

It is said by some people around the world that Japan has a unique silent pressure to conform, and we may think so ourselves, but this situation of not taking off the mask may be the same. When someone starts to take off his or her mask, everyone will take it off at the same time. (Laughter) However, even if I am the only one walking around with my mask off, I am only looked at with disdain, and no one tries to take it off. (Laughter) I guess someone more famous must take off his mask.

A Japanese newspaper reporter told Windows founder Bill Gates, “Japan has peer pressure, so we can’t take off our masks like other countries. What do you think about that?” He asked the question, “What do you think about that? Bill Gates responded to the question, “No, it’s the same thing in Japan, where there may be tonal pressure to wear masks, but in the U.S. and Europe there is tonal pressure not to.” He answered. That’s a world-class manager! He sees things differently. I was impressed and wished I had such a broad perspective. (Laughs)

The other day, I sang in the park for the first time in a while. The park office told me to wear a mask or face shield when I sang, and I didn’t like it, so I didn’t sing. I was the only one who honestly listened to what the office said, and I am thinking of taking off my mask the next time I sing in the park. I’m thinking of taking off my mask the next time I sing in the park, but I’m also scared of what would happen if someone throws a rock at me. My mind is wavering. (I am a typical Japanese who succumbs to peer pressure. (Laughter)

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