Hallo! English speakers

Hallo! English speakers.

This phrase is the first English word that I came up with on this blog. I didn’t copy and paste it using google translate, I typed it myself into the keyboard! (smile)

Is this English correct? Well, no, it’s not even a school exam, so there’s no point in thinking about it in a difficult way. I went back to google translate again. (smile)

The last time I wrote this blog was about a month ago, and it’s been a long time since then, so I usually write this blog on holidays, but today I’ll do my best even though it’s a weekday!

For the past month, I’ve been studying English while listening to the radio every night. (Laughs) When I started studying English, I kept in mind not to push myself too hard. I try hard not to learn English words. The reason is that if you have the consciousness of remembering, the consciousness of forgetting will work. Even if you remember it, if you forget it, the shock will accumulate in your heart. So I try my best not to memorize English. (smile)

If you do this, you may never learn English, but you can study freely! I think.

Next time, instead of writing 3 words, I’ll do my best to write about 1 line of English that I think of myself! Please stay tuned.

Everyone, please listen to the original Japanese song! nice to meet you.

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