I’m uploading a walk scenery on Instagram.

Hello everyone who speaks English! It’s already been 2 weeks since the new year, how are you? As for me, since the end of the year, I have been uploading my SNS Instagram every day. It seems that everyone is looking at SNS, so I thought that this blog alone would not be enough. Since I discovered that I can listen to my own original songs on Instagram posts, I mainly upload them on Instagram.

The contents of the posts are silly, and I just take random pictures in a nearby park where I go for a walk every morning and upload them with my own music. (Laughs) I don’t want to take a great artistic image, I just point my phone at the subject and shoot as I feel when I’m walking. It’s my daily work, so I try not to think too hard about it.

I just decided on the overall concept, which is to shoot the scenery of my morning walk. The purpose is to get people to listen to my music, so the image can basically be anything. I just upload images of my daily life, but I think that there are hidden hints for my music in that daily life. I said a little too cool. (smile)

I also set it so that when I post on Instagram, it will also be uploaded to Twitter. So you can see my walking pictures in Japan on Twitter. Great!

However, there were no followers on Instagram or Twitter. (Laughter) I have no friends. How many billion people are there in the world today? I researched and found that there are about 7.8 billion people, and with so many people living on earth, it would be nice to have at least one friend of mine among them, but there is no one. It’s strange!

I’ve lived my whole life in this situation, so I don’t expect much, but if you don’t have followers, the articles you upload won’t be spread, so if you’re interested in my music, please follow me. Is it not? I don’t think there are people like that. (smile)

In the meantime, I’m thinking of activating social media a little this year. However, I’m thinking of doing it in moderation so that I don’t put too much effort into it and it doesn’t affect my life. Best regards this year!

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「COCOLO」I think this song is my best song.

You can download YUKIO original Japanese songs! Would you like to listen? You can also listen to it. (Security is being strengthened. Rest assured!)

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