The reason why became multilingual

Well, after a long time, I decided to write this blog. This time I have to explain why this blog is divided into English, French and Spanish, even though I am Japanese.

Yes, it’s been over 10 years. I had a friend. That friend has been my friend since high school, and when I was a student, we often talked about rock. We had a lot of fun talking about music, such as the Beatles, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, who is a bad guitar player, and so on. He also seems to be very fond of languages and has worked in a major Japanese company using English.

When I was young, I was in a band, but since I didn’t have a bassist, I asked him to play on occasion, so I’ve been with him for a long time. One day, he started studying not only English but also French, and when he went on a business trip to France, he bought me a souvenir. A few years later he went on a business trip to Argentina, saying that he had now started studying Spanish. He was threatened by a pickpocket at the New York airport on his way home from a business trip, and came back to Japan crying.

Why does he like foreign languages so much! So when he made my music homepage, he asked him to translate the English, French and Spanish pages. He likes meat, so he treated him to a hamburger at the restaurant. (smile)

With this, I thought that my homepage became multilingual and international, even though I myself can only speak Japanese, but he suddenly withdrew to the countryside and I couldn’t update it. It was (smile)

We have created pages in English, French, and Spanish! I didn’t want to waste it, so I started updating my blog using Google Translate, thinking that it would be a disaster if this happened again. Of course I don’t speak English, French or Spanish. (smile)

I laugh at myself that this blog has been around for years, but I will continue to do so. Last year, I started a radio course to study these three words again, but I failed. I don’t have enough time to study these three words! I’m running out of time to do my own music!

So, for the time being, I focus only on English and study plainly every night. (laughs) But I haven’t given up on learning French and Spanish! I believe that if I live another 100 years or so, I will be able to master it. With the development of science, isn’t the human life expectancy about 200 years old? (smile)

But he’s irresponsible for being the first to translate English, French and Spanish! Think about the future! Well, I’m the one who requested the translation of this homepage. (very loud laugh)

You can download YUKIO original Japanese songs! Would you like to listen? You can also listen to it. (Security is being strengthened. Rest assured!)

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I’m uploading a walk scenery on Instagram.

Hello everyone who speaks English! It’s already been 2 weeks since the new year, how are you? As for me, since the end of the year, I have been uploading my SNS Instagram every day. It seems that everyone is looking at SNS, so I thought that this blog alone would not be enough. Since I discovered that I can listen to my own original songs on Instagram posts, I mainly upload them on Instagram.

The contents of the posts are silly, and I just take random pictures in a nearby park where I go for a walk every morning and upload them with my own music. (Laughs) I don’t want to take a great artistic image, I just point my phone at the subject and shoot as I feel when I’m walking. It’s my daily work, so I try not to think too hard about it.

I just decided on the overall concept, which is to shoot the scenery of my morning walk. The purpose is to get people to listen to my music, so the image can basically be anything. I just upload images of my daily life, but I think that there are hidden hints for my music in that daily life. I said a little too cool. (smile)

I also set it so that when I post on Instagram, it will also be uploaded to Twitter. So you can see my walking pictures in Japan on Twitter. Great!

However, there were no followers on Instagram or Twitter. (Laughter) I have no friends. How many billion people are there in the world today? I researched and found that there are about 7.8 billion people, and with so many people living on earth, it would be nice to have at least one friend of mine among them, but there is no one. It’s strange!

I’ve lived my whole life in this situation, so I don’t expect much, but if you don’t have followers, the articles you upload won’t be spread, so if you’re interested in my music, please follow me. Is it not? I don’t think there are people like that. (smile)

In the meantime, I’m thinking of activating social media a little this year. However, I’m thinking of doing it in moderation so that I don’t put too much effort into it and it doesn’t affect my life. Best regards this year!

Instagram en_yukio_original_music

twitter YukioasE

「COCOLO」I think this song is my best song.

You can download YUKIO original Japanese songs! Would you like to listen? You can also listen to it. (Security is being strengthened. Rest assured!)

I also distribute music on other sites.

Japanese monster legend

Hello English speakers, it’s been a while. It’s been over a month since I last wrote this blog. A lot of things happened during this time, and in addition to writing this blog, I started studying English through a radio course, but I was forced to interrupt that as well. This time, I would like to talk about the contents of the English radio course that the Japanese national broadcaster is doing.

I’m studying elementary English at the level of the first year of junior high school, but I buy textbooks at the bookstore and listen to the radio for 15 minutes every night from 9:00 pm to study. There is a story for a year, and each time the characters talk about a phase of the story in English. The character is the daughter of a kappa, which Japanese people would laugh at.

Kappa is a ghost that has been passed down in Japan since ancient times. What kind of specters (ghosts) live in rivers, are good at swimming, have a plate on their head for some reason, and if the plate dries up or cracks, they die. And kappa likes to eat cucumbers and play sumo. Sumo wrestling is an ancient Japanese Shinto ritual in which wrestlers fight each other naked.

For some reason, the kappa daughter went to school in America and is fluent in English. She (laughs) and enjoyed Halloween and Christmas. (Laughs) The story is out of the ordinary, but by making the characters familiar to the Japanese people, they may have thought that they would be able to become familiar with English naturally because it is a national broadcaster.

In Japan, there are various yokai (ghosts) other than Kappa. In fact, one of the songs in the next music piece I’m working on now has a song about yokai. The song is called “Zashikiwarashi,” and if you ask what kind of yokai a “zashikiwarashi” is, you can hear the voice of a child, and adults can’t see it. A local (northern part of Japan) yokai. (smile)

The Corona Pandemic is ending, so why don’t you come to Japan to meet Japanese ghosts? Please listen to my song then. There are many songs that seem to fit kappa and zashikiwarashi. It’s a Japanese original song. (smile)

“HINOTAMA” are also a psychic phenomenon that is said to fly around Japanese graves.

You can download YUKIO original Japanese songs! Would you like to listen? You can also listen to it. (Security is being strengthened. Rest assured!)

I also distribute music on other sites.


I have released a new album. The album title is “Story”. There are 13 stories inside. There are a wide variety of songs, from songs that feel the absurdity of the world and cursing the world, to songs about Buddhism and dances in samba.

Most of these songs are songs I discarded when I was younger and songs that came to mind in my 30s. When I was younger, I used to think that this song was bad because of trivial things, but at this age, I’ve come to be able to take on everything. (smile)

The jacket of this work is also characteristic. Nine hand-drawn birds are lined up. It’s a clumsy hand-drawn bird that I can’t even brag about, but it’s all my work. (laughs) All my music is handmade, but this time I even made the material for the jacket. (smile)

As far as I’m concerned, I created the jacket with the feeling that these nine birds are humming a “story”. I am very happy if you listen to this “story” and feel this hum.

All hand-painted hummingbirds are waiting for you.

“STORY” track 1 “sunflower” version 2

You can download YUKIO original Japanese songs! Would you like to listen? You can also listen to it.

I also distribute music on other sites.


Hello English speaking people. I’m Japanese and I can’t speak English. (Laughs) I often hear that Japanese people are not good at speaking English, and I am a typical Japanese person. (Laughs) Japanese and English are so different in structure that it takes time to understand. I can’t speak English, French, or Spanish, so why am I writing this embarrassing blog? It’s all because I want people all over the world to listen to my music. It started.

I think language is closely related to creating music. There are many Japanese people who sing in English without even singing in Japanese. However, if a song is an expression of one’s emotions, wouldn’t it be most natural to sing in the language we speak in our daily lives?

Songs are born from simple everyday life, but I think that simple daily life is universal and has nothing to do with race. Even if you don’t understand the language, you can somehow convey your feelings through gestures. We are the same person!

I don’t know what you are singing, but I can feel something. In the same way, you don’t know what is written in this blog, but I think you can feel something.

Race and language are important, but life seems to be about feeling that “something”. At the moment when I feel glad that I was born, I feel “something”.

I don’t know if my music has that “something” or not, but I just try to do my best to make others feel that “something”. That is why I write this blog.

Race doesn’t matter, career doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter if you can’t speak the language. Feeling like this, I sing a song in my heart every day.


You can download YUKIO original Japanese songs! Would you like to listen? You can also listen to it.

I also distribute music on other sites.