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Hello, everyone in the world. There are many things in the world that I, as a Japanese, do not know, but there are also many things about Japan that you do not know.

This time, I would like to talk about Bonsai in Japan.” Bonsai is a unique hobby of planting trees, grasses and mosses in pots and appreciating their appearance. Bonsai reflects the unique aesthetic sense of the Japanese, and is completely different from the sensibility of gardening in Europe and America.

Perhaps it is because Japanese people have a slightly different sense of looking at the landscape than Caucasians. Originally, there were no parks in Japan. Nature existed within the home, and there was no need to share it with others as a public thing. I feel that assimilating with nature, rather than dominating it, is an ancient value of the Japanese mind. Bonsai is the symbolic expression of this Japanese aesthetic sense in a pot.

Just as Europeans, Americans, and Japanese may take a picture of the same landscape, but it will be completely different, so too will the music be completely different depending on the ethnic group. Unfortunately, for the past 100 years or so, Japanese people have been copying American and European politics, economic systems, and even culture in everything they do. Most people think that their country, Japan, is a developed country, and even at the Chopin Competition the other day, they make a big deal when someone plays the piano like a white man and wins a prize.

But on the other hand, there are many people who are trying to protect the ancient Japanese tradition.

Bonsai is also changing slightly compared to the past. There used to be no such thing as small bonsai, but nowadays there are small potted bonsai. (laughs) It seems that Japanese bonsai is becoming popular in Europe as well, and there was a special program on TV about it.

When I see European people’s bonsai on TV, as a Japanese, I think it’s a little different. However, I think that if the bonsai has European characteristics, it will have a good flavor.

Actually, I had a really small bonsai in front of my house, but it was stolen one day. (laughs) Too bad. They stole my bonsai, but they didn’t steal my music! My music is only in my heart.

Would you like to listen to my music like this! I believe that the Japanese sense of beauty is quite full of it.(laughs) It’s not like the recent Japanese music I mentioned above, which has only been copying American and European music! Listening to my original songs while gazing at the bonsai trees is soothing.

Don’t just listen to English songs, let’s listen to Japanese songs once in a while! After all, multi-ethnic coexistence is the most important thing in the world right now.

Music is now available. If you have any questions, please email me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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Music is being distributed

Natto power

By the way, everyone who doesn’t speak Japanese! Gobusatashiteorimasu. How were you Does anyone read this blog! ??
This time, I introduced it once before, but I would like to take up the Japanese food “natto” again.

What is “natto”? It is a fermented food made by fermenting soybeans with natto bacteria. When “natto” is mixed with chopsticks, it becomes sticky and gives off a unique odor. Put it on white rice and eat it. All foreigners hate this “natto”, but all Japanese people east of Tokyo love it! However, Japanese people west of Osaka don’t like “natto”. (Laughs) I have a habit of eating “natto” every morning. Each person eats “natto” by mixing various things as he likes, but I love to mix and eat the representative chopped green onions. And usually Japanese people eat “natto” with soy sauce (Japanese soul sauce! Lol), but I don’t sprinkle soy sauce! What is it! I may be Japanese, not Japanese.

And every morning, I had the “natto” rice and miso soup. Natto rice and miso soup are Japanese breakfast scenes. (Laughs) In this way, my body moves with “natto” power. English songs are good, but Japanese songs with “natto” power are also good!

I think “natto” is quietly placed in the corner of Japanese food in supermarkets around the world, so why not try it once? At that time, try eating while listening to my original song. It’s so delicious that you may be impressed! Or maybe you’ll fall into hell. (smile)

Music is being distributed. As an author, I recommend listening to the album.

I’m YUKIO, a “onigiri” singer.

Hello, this is YUKIO, a “onigiri” singer. What is “onigiri”? It is a soul food that Japanese people love, whose staple food is white rice. After cooking the rice, the rice is rolled by hand. Japanese people go on picnics with the “onigiri” packed in lunch boxes.
Speaking of Japanese food, “sushi” is famous, but “sushi” can also be said to be a small “onigiri” topped with raw fish fillets.

I have listened to English songs, but I grew up eating “onigiri”. So, of course, I sing songs that are different from American and European songs. Why don’t you listen to my “onigiri” song like this! ??

Even if you say “onigiri”, there are various types of “onigiri”, some of which are umeboshi or kelp wrapped in them. Each person has different tastes. The most typical one is “onigiri” wrapped with seaweed. It is delicious.

Please listen to my original song while eating “onigiri”. I’m sure you will see a landscape you have never seen before.

Music is being distributed

I’ve started music distribution of a single song called “Himawari.”

I did the music distribution of the mini-album “Aomori” and the opening of the online store for original CDs in quick succession, but I actually started distributing another single song called “Himawari”.
Himawari” in Japanese means “sunflower” in English. In French, it’s “Tournesol”, and in Spanish, it’s “Girasol”.
I translated it on Deepl. (laughs)
The world has become more convenient.
(laughs) But as the world becomes more convenient, why do we feel that it is somehow harder to live? The world is not getting any better! I also feel that the world is not getting any better!
The song “Himawari” is a cheering song for those who are struggling to live in such a world.

The world is full of hardships, but let’s not give up, let’s stand up straight and look forward to life! That’s what the song was saying. Would you like to sing a Japanese song with me? English songs are good, but Japanese songs are also good. Please listen to it!
Music streaming now!

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Original songs, YUKIO store now open.

I’ve decided to start selling my original CDs that I’ve been working on. There are five CDs in total: “YUKIO” with guitar, “YUKIO PIANO” with piano, “COCOLO” with band sound, “Taiyo”, and “Tsuki”. Of course they’re original songs in Japanese!

The CD’s also come with a lyric card, which is not available in the music distribution. Would you like to listen to my songs while looking up a Japanese dictionary? It’s refreshing.
I also designed the jacket for the CD. This weird design is one of my features. Some people think it’s poorly done. I don’t know how to use design software very well, so I end up like this. (laughs)
However, although the design is poor, the music inside is authentic. It’s a little different from the popular English songs. It’s available at the YUKIO store.

Also, I’m sorry, but I need you to pay for the shipping. The cost of shipping the CD from Japan to overseas is more expensive than the CD itself. (Laughs) But it’s definitely more fun to buy a CD and listen to it through email than to listen to it through a faceless music distribution service! You get to know each other better that way.
Please visit the YUKIO Store. I’ll be waiting for you.

Click here to go to YUKIO store. Also available in English.

If you still think the price is too high, we also offer music distribution. Please listen to it there. Music Streaming

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