Night beach

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8. Night beach (lyrics and composition Yukio) (wav-44,100Hz-16bit)   trial listening

At night, I got off the beach for the first time in years
See the heart of a friend with darkness
The sky is covered with clouds and no stars can be seen
Just the sound of her ripples rushing in

Return to the beach where we played together before
I talked about how painful it is now
I want to make sure that nothing has changed
However, the light of the moon is in the shadow of the pine tree.

The sea at night is dark and she looks very deep
Cold waves rush in so that it seems to be swallowed

At night, the summer breeze blows, sitting on the sand
We talked with a can of beer in one hand
Flowers bloom in my thoughts and laughter
However, occasionally sighing

The area is already dark and only the sound of the waves
In the old days, we often talked about the future.

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8.夜の海辺(作詞作曲 ゆきお)  (wav-44,100Hz-16bit)

夜 何年かぶりに 砂浜降り立って
みた 友の心を 闇と共に
空 雲がかかって 星も何もみえずに
ただ 押し寄せてくる さざ波の音

前 二人遊んだ 浜辺に戻って
今 どんなに辛いか 話し合った
何も 変わっちゃいないことを 確かめたくて
ただ 月の明りが 松の影に

夜の海は暗くて とても深そう
のみこまれそうなほど 冷たい波が押し寄せる

夜 夏風が吹く 砂の上に座って
缶 ビール片手に 話し合った
思 い出話に 花が咲き 笑い合い
ただ 時折 ため息まじり

あたりはもう暗くて 波の音だけ
昔はよく二人で 将来のこと語り合った


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