Era of REIWA in Japan

Hi everyone in the world. I sing Japanese original songs that I made myself.
Japan has been a new era since today. It is an era of REIWA. What kind of age will it be? I can not imagine, but I hope that I want a peaceful world.
I started writing to start a new era, but today is rainy. There is a Japanese proverb saying “I will not lose to rain, I will not lose to the wind”. Like this proverb, I also want to do my best.
I want to study foreign languages ​​a little more, and also programming. The world is changing rapidly and I have to keep up with it.
Never think the same way as before, the world is always moving.
I sing in Japanese, but would you like to listen to my song? Even if you do not understand the words, something should be understood.
We are different races, but we are the same people. We will surely understand each other someday. As long as the sun rises, I will not give up. Music distribution




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