French and Japanese cuisine

Hello, everyone. Long time no see! Is anyone still reading this blog? LOL. Now, what should I write about? By the way, the other day, I was tasked with creating sheet music by transposing the key for about six French chansons. I quickly worked on them, and lately, I’ve been receiving similar requests quite often. The more I delve into analyzing chansons, the more I’m impressed by how intricately they are crafted.

Originally, I thought you could just add a few chords to the basic three chords, right? However, complex chord progressions are incorporated, and it feels like, even if I try to integrate such progressions into my own compositions, I probably can’t. French musicians probably learn about such chord progressions in music school. But for me, a Japanese person, it’s like enjoying sophisticated French cuisine – delightful but somewhat like being in a different world. I can’t help but wonder, do we really need such intricate compositions?

However, nowadays, even Japanese hit songs have become very complex. I think the structure of songs is not so different based on the country or region. Nevertheless, I believe that, in the end, music must convey the essence of the person who created it. In that regard, I feel that many Japanese hit songs are just imitations of the West.

Why does this happen? I think it’s because Japan has a relatively short history of tonal music. While Japan has its unique folk songs and instruments, trying to express them in Western tonal music becomes challenging. For the Japanese, French cuisine is delicious and exquisite, but what really suits us is sushi and fish dishes with flavorful broth.

This time, I got a bit serious. Let’s meet again somewhere. LOL.

This time, I tried using ChatGPT for translation for the first time.

Autumn wind

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