Hello everyone, how are you all doing? It’s midsummer in Japan now. I want to drink a cold beer right now, but I’m going to put up with it a little and try to write this blog.

Two times ago, I reported that I created an album titled “Tonight”, and this time I’ve completed an album titled “ON MY WAY BACK HOME AFTER WORK”! Amazing in a short time! You may think that, but in fact, I was stuck at home due to the corona restrictions, so I used that time to put together these songs.

This album is an unprecedented and difficult work, and it may be better to say that it is a jazz song rather than a pop song. There is a lot of tension. smile

There are 9 songs in total, and each song is made in a different way, but I would like to focus on the title song of this time, “ON MY WAY BACK HOME AFTER WORK”. This song is about the frustration of my life, and the lyrics are about making a man cry. You can think of this crying man as me.

Is it okay for a grown man to shed so many tears?
It’s fine! Whether you’re an adult or a child, I think it’s best for human beings to cry when they want to cry. Everyone has times when they want to cry.

Would you like to cry with me while listening to this song? You won’t be able to stop crying. Your tears won’t stop so much that they will become rivers, go down mountains, and eventually become seas. That’s why this song “ON MY WAY BACK HOME AFTER WORK” is a sad song. Please listen!

I haven’t sold it yet. smile

“ON MY WAY BACK HOME AFTER WORK” Piano singing digest

You can download YUKIO original Japanese songs! Would you like to listen? You can also listen to it. 

I also distribute music on other sites.

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