Natto song.yukio original music

Hello everyone. I am singing original songs in Japanese. Well, this time I would like to introduce Japanese soul food called natto. Natto is Japanese fermented food that ferment soybean by Bacillus natto. Everyone in the vicinity of Tokyo loves natto and eats every morning. However, from the foreigners’ perspective, it may seem like a disgusting food in appearance.

Stirring comes out when stirring natto. I will eat it with rice. My daily energy source is natto. My music is like natto.

Please listen GINZA mode.

Japanese song -tonight-

Hello everyone. I am Yukio, a Japanese singer-songwriter.

I would like to introduce the song “Tonight” in my song this time. I am singing in Japanese, but switching to English with youtube’s caption  function will make sense of the lyrics.

I stayed with you tonight, it was different from the night before. Why is it so fun? Because you are near me.

In summary, I sing like this. Can you make myself understood in English? If I could speak English better, I would be more familiar with you.

I will speak in English next time without giving up. Music distribution

Japanese singer songwriter.YUKIO

Hello everyone. I am a Japanese singer-songwriter.

I sing a song in Japanese. It is a song in Japanese, but everyone speaking English should surely understand. I am playing piano or guitar, but this time I would like to introduce piano videos. It is a video of youtube. Not singing famous songs in Japan, I sing the original songs I composed for myself. Japan is in the Asian region, the sense of rhythm is different from whites and blacks. However, I liked English songs more than Japanese songs.

I felt that English songs are more advanced than Japanese songs. I thought about expressing Japanese expression in Western harmony. There are songs like this in Japan. Please listen.

I wonder if I can explain it somewhat better in English?I am not good at playing the piano, but I think the song is nice.

mercy kiss

The title of this video is called Japanese “tengoku kiss”.

When translating “tengoku” in English, it becomes “heaven”.But I want to translate this word as “mercy”.Because a kiss is a contact with a lover. There is a feeling of” mercy”.

“mercy mercy mercy”,this song is also famous for Marvin Gay’s song.I do not imitate it, but I also like to sing like him.

god bless me

buddha bless me

inao bless me (iano is Japanese famous baseball player long ago)


Hello everyone I am Japanese and I sing the original song myself. It is a Japanese song. However, I think that everyone speaking English will understand my music. Because I was only listening to English songs without listening to songs like Japanese songs when I was young. I can not speak English very well, but I will try my hard and try my best to convey my music to you. If you are interested, listen to my music. I will do my best to write English blog as much as possible. relationship