Japanese music live

Lf I close my eyes

I regularly play Japanese music live about twice a month. One of them is the 3/8 Okubo Aquarium Live this time.

I am singing Japanese original songs because I can not speak English. I just put captions in English on youtube so that people who do not understand Japanese understand my songs. I do not know if this caption meets my original lyrics’ meaning, but if you watch this live video, you should be able to understand the contents of my song a bit.

Will not you come and watch my live as soon as you came to Japan by plane? However, you have transportation expenses. It is a joke.

Rainy Japanese singer,YUKIO

Highway in the rain

Today the last day of February, Japan is raining. Since spring is coming, snow will not fall. It is raining all day.

There is a song of memories of rain. Once in a while, I often ran a car on a highway. The highway is dangerous if it rains. Despite being dangerous, it increases the speed of the car. I do not understand why, but it may be human nature. Despite the rain, I want to fly a car when the front is empty.

I made this feeling a song. Please listen. “Highway in the rain” music distribution

horn owl appears in Asagaya, Tokyo. Horn owl singer Yukio

horn owl in ASAGAYA

Recently, horn owl has appeared suddenly in Asagaya, Tokyo, which is a hot topic. I go to Asagaya every week and listen to classical music at a coffee shop. I went to Asagaya yesterday, but I could not see this horn owl.

I am an unpopular singer, but the horn owl that appeared in Asagaya has become popular, and I also wanted to become this horn owl. Just doing strange things to get popularity can not be helped, so I only have to aspire my way straight. I only sing in Japanese, please listen. You should know that if you listen to my songs it’s a good song. I’ll do my best!Music distribution

Tokyo jazz

I live in Tokyo, I am doing original music that was influenced by jazz. I can not speak English well, so I sing in Japanese. There is a song called “Ginza Mode” in my song. It is a song that sang the atmosphere of Ginza in the center of Tokyo. Ginza has been the most popular shopping street in Tokyo since long ago, and there is a Ginza shopping area that imitated its name whenever you go to a Japanese country town in Japan.

Jazz is also popular in Ginza since long ago and there are many jazz bars. “Ginza mode” is a song that sang the scenery of such Ginza. The Japanese who comes to Ginza like jazz.

Please listen. Music distribution


Japanese classical music cafe

There is a classic music cafe in Japan as well. The coffee shop called violon in Tokyo, Asagaya, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven music are played all day. As you can see in the picture, the audio environment is wonderful and many people visit violon. I am also one of them. I go to a cafe for coffee every Saturday. Actually, this coffee shop becomes a live house at night. I also played the piano here several times. The basic is an acoustic live and microphone can not be used. Classical singers, jazz pianists, magicians and others are appearing. People who like music should think that if you came to Japan you should visit here.   YUKIO Music distribution

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