Please listen to Japanese songs.

Hello everyone of music lovers living in the United States and Europe! Recently I registered my song on sound cloud or band camp. It’s very fashionable to listen to a song that has a lot of followers. I’m Japanese and I don’t speak English and sing original songs in Japanese. English has good English, but Japanese also has good Japanese. Why don’t you listen to Japanese songs?

The curator told me that I listened to a Japanese song for the first time and I was interested but couldn’t put it on my playlist. I think you may not understand the lyrics at first, but you will get used to it. Even Japanese people listen to English songs that don’t make sense.

There are various songs in Japan, not only imitating English songs! We are the same people, so I believe we will probably understand each other someday. Please listen to Japanese songs.

Yukio · Mercy KiSS-天国k💛ss sound cloud

SNOW-雪 Band camp

“Moon” music distribution

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