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Well, for the first time in a while, I’m going to write this blog. Not because I was burnt out, but because it took me a long time to build a system to sell downloads of my original songs on this site.

Japan is on a week-long vacation right now, and everyone is off somewhere for a short trip or something. I had planned to stay at home, but my family wanted to clean the house, so I reluctantly went out to Tokyo yesterday. Let me try to tell you about those memories.

I went to a town called Ueno, where I entered a museum in a park. It was not that someone I knew was painting, but it was already summer and hot outside, so I stopped by to cool off. It had been a long time since I had seen a painting, and although there was nothing memorable about it, it made me feel somewhat peaceful.
So I went to a nearby temple to pray for no reason. LOL!

I was tired of walking and decided to take a rest somewhere, so I searched on my phone and found a rakugo theater nearby called “Suzumoto” where I entered and listened to a rakugo performance.

Rakugo is a type of comical storytelling that has been practiced in Japan since the Edo period (1603-1868). A professional storyteller, called a rakugo performer, sits alone on a cushion called a zabuton and tells a rakugo story in front of the audience, making them laugh.
The performer must sit on the zabuton in seiza.

Seiza is the correct way for Japanese people to sit, which has been handed down from the ancient times, with knees bent and buttocks on heels. None of the foreigners sit in seiza, but Japanese people always sit in seiza during Japanese ceremonies and funerals. A Japanese who cannot sit in seiza is not Japanese. Especially at funerals, when monks chant sutras, everyone sits on the cushions and listens to the sutras, but the sutras are so long that at the end, their legs go numb and they can no longer sit on the cushions. Laughing, I realized that Japanese people still love to sit on the floor.

However, professional storytellers of yesterday’s rakugo (traditional Japanese comic storytelling) continue to sit in seiza on a zabuton while they perform their stories. They are professionals! It can’t be that sitting in seiza posture is not painful! LOL!

This is why I want my original songs to be professional as well. Would you like to hear my seiza song? They are available for download. Just sit on a cushion and listen to it in front of the stereo. I won’t be responsible if your knees break…. LOL!

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You can download YUKIO original Japanese songs! Would you like to listen? You can also listen to it.

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