Shibuya Scramble Crossing

Hello everyone in the world! Today’s Japan is Sunday. It feels good to see the sun shining through the windows of the house. However, winter is approaching and the wind is getting colder.

According to yesterday’s news, a new mutant of coronavirus was found in South Africa, which is called Omicron. Will Omicron spread all over the world? Looking at the news, it seems that the coronavirus is spreading again in Europe, but in Japan, the number of corona patients is strangely decreasing, and all the Japanese media are wondering.

There are various speculations that the cause is that all the Japanese people have been vaccinated all at once, or that all the Japanese are wearing masks, but no one really knows. When I watch American and European news on TV, no one wears a mask outside, but in Japan, almost everyone wears a mask and goes out. I don’t know why this difference is made, but Japanese people like masks. (smile)

Whenever I go out, I always wear a mask when I go out, but I wonder if it makes sense to wear a mask outside, but wearing a mask is not that annoying, and it’s better to wear it than not. Some people lightly think that they are less likely to get the coronavirus.

It is often said that there is social sympathetic pressure in Japan, but I think there is probably such a tendency. I sometimes see foreigners remaining in Tokyo in the city, but they also wear masks as well as Japanese people. Perhaps they didn’t wear masks like in the US and Europe at first, but they noticed that they were seen with contempt by the Japanese around them, and I think they were reluctant to adapt to Japanese customs. increase.

Due to the coronavirus, there are almost no foreign tourists in Japan. The other day, I went to the city of Shibuya for the first time in a long time, but I hardly saw any foreigners at the scrambled intersection in front of the station. Previously, foreigners often took commemorative photos at this scrambled intersection in Shibuya, but now only Japanese people come and go. However, as the corona infection has subsided, too many people have come and gone.

Will many foreign tourists take a commemorative photo at this scrambled intersection in Shibuya? I hope that those safe and peaceful days will return. At that time, go across while listening to my original Japanese song on your smartphone.

It feels like the Beatles are crossing Abbey Road. (smile)

AOYAMA sherbet

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