Hello everyone, how are you doing? Last time I talked about making a video to go with my original song, and this time I’d like to report that I made a video again.

I made an image video for the song “Now”. This is the 6th song on my original album “Moon”.
The content of the lyrics is a dubious and fantastical one, about a man and a woman riding a boat on an empty lake, wishing to go as far away as possible. The word “Now” has always bothered me, and humans have no choice but to live in the”Now”, from which we look to the future and look back on the past.

When I was young, the moment I created a song, it was already a thing of the past, so the unfinished song remained in my head, and I felt like my mind could only see the past. I suffered a lot. I created this song called “Now” in order to somehow relieve this suffering.

This is a difficult topic, but I wanted to talk about the video production for the song “Now”. The lake that appears in the lyrics of this song “Now” is not located nearby, so I rented a boat on a nearby pond to shoot. (Laughs) It was mid-summer afternoon, and the sun was shining so brightly on the boat that it was so hot that I thought I was going to get heatstroke, and at the same time, it was a humid and humid day that is unique to Japan.

It was so hot that my rented boat was the only one floating in the pond, and I was able to take photos freely in the hot sun. The water in the pond is green, so the video looks like something out of the famous movie “Apocalypse Now”, which is quite suspicious.

Would you like to watch this video? And why don’t you listen to the song “Now”? And why don’t you go somewhere far away with me? This time, the text turned out to be quite fantastical. It’s autumn of art. (lol)

“Now” video

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