Hello, world everyone. I am Japanese and sing an original Japanese song. I can not speak English well, but I think my song will be transmitted to English speakers.

This time I introduce a song called “NIGHT BEACH”. The story is as follows. Two friends who met each other for the first time in the seaside on the night miss the old days. However, they realize that they can never return to the past, and then leave. Only the sound of rippling can be heard on the remaining beach.

It is a difficult song. It is a Japanese song, but would you like to listen? Music distribution

COCOLO(my heart,my soul and my blue) Japanese jazz

The song “COCOLO” is my representative song.

It is difficult to translate “COCOLO”. I think that usually it translates to “heart”. However, the content of the song that I want to express is something that can not be expressed with “heart” alone, I also wanted to have the meaning of “soul”. I also added one more black music “blue”.

So I translated this song name as “my heart, my soul and my blue”.

The song is quite difficult, but I think you can listen comfortably.

I am affected by Miles Davis. Would you like to listen to this song?

 It is a live version.Music distribution