Japan will end the Heisei era tonight.

Hello world everyone. I am Japanese and sing an original song by myself. Many Japanese people are not very interested in my song. But it is really a very good song. Believe please. (Lol)

So I launched this blog to have people in the world listen to my songs. But I can not speak English. So there is no choice but to use Google Translate. Google translation is useful, but it also translates into unknown translation.
I’m sorry if English is different, but I think it would be nice if I could convey my feelings.
It’s a Japanese song, but it’s a good song.
Do you not listen?

Japan will end the Heisei era tonight. A new era of REIWA begins, and the Tokyo Olympics will be held next year. But I have nothing to do with it.

How long will I sing a song that nobody listens to? Maybe I will keep singing until I die. People who want to laugh at me should laugh but I will not stop singing.
I can not speak English, but please listen to my song.Music distribution