It is an original song of Japanese. Highway In The Rain

Japan is rainy today. It is a rainy Sunday. There is “Highway in the Rain” in my song.
This song is the lyrics to drive fast by car meaninglessly on the rainy highway. People tend to speed up their cars when the roads are open. A highway that has rained is extremely dangerous.
However, there may be somewhere in the heart of people who enjoy such dangers. I tried to sing that feeling.
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Rainy Japanese singer,YUKIO

Highway in the rain

Today the last day of February, Japan is raining. Since spring is coming, snow will not fall. It is raining all day.

There is a song of memories of rain. Once in a while, I often ran a car on a highway. The highway is dangerous if it rains. Despite being dangerous, it increases the speed of the car. I do not understand why, but it may be human nature. Despite the rain, I want to fly a car when the front is empty.

I made this feeling a song. Please listen. “Highway in the rain” music distribution