Want to listen to Japanese songs that nobody in the world knows?

Hello, everyone speaks English. How many people are there in the world? I live in Japan, which is in the corner of Asia. Since we usually speak Japanese, we are not good at speaking English too much. I also sing in Japanese. But this should not be! I want people in the world to listen to my Japanese songs more. I do not think that my song is completely defeated by famous English songs. I compose various songs. Would you like to listen to my original song? It is a little different from the song you always listen to. Please listen by all means! Music distribution


Hello everyone, is YUKIO. I can only speak basic Japanese, but I do blogs in foreign languages for some reason.
In fact, I sing the original song I made myself. It is a Japanese song. Have you ever listened to Japanese songs? its funny!
This time, I would like to introduce a song that I will take a bath together. Do you have a bath together as a couple? We couples enter separately. (Lol) However, it is better to take a bath together. Let’s talk about various things while taking a bath! You should feel happy.
You should see something. Music distribution


Hello, world everyone. I am Japanese and sing an original Japanese song. I can not speak English well, but I think my song will be transmitted to English speakers.

This time I introduce a song called “NIGHT BEACH”. The story is as follows. Two friends who met each other for the first time in the seaside on the night miss the old days. However, they realize that they can never return to the past, and then leave. Only the sound of rippling can be heard on the remaining beach.

It is a difficult song. It is a Japanese song, but would you like to listen? Music distribution

I’m a mole

I’m a mole. guitar version

Hi, who speaks English. I am Japanese and can not speak much English. And I sing a song in Japanese. I sing in Japanese, but I think it’s pretty cool.

This time, I would like to introduce the song “I’m a mole”.

In Japan, there is a word “Kaka Tenka”. “Kaka Tenka” means that the majesty of the wife surpasses the husband.

“I am a mole” expressed this “Kakaa Tenka”.

The main character of this song is always hit by his wife’s ass, and it goes to the ground like a mole. At the end he finally got into her hole. It will be family-friendly. There are guitar and piano versions for this song, both of which are interesting. Please listen by all means. Music distribution

I’m a mole.  piano version


Japanese song -tonight-

Hello everyone. I am Yukio, a Japanese singer-songwriter.

I would like to introduce the song “Tonight” in my song this time. I am singing in Japanese, but switching to English with youtube’s caption  function will make sense of the lyrics.

I stayed with you tonight, it was different from the night before. Why is it so fun? Because you are near me.

In summary, I sing like this. Can you make myself understood in English? If I could speak English better, I would be more familiar with you.

I will speak in English next time without giving up. Music distribution