How is everyone! ? Well, what I want to talk about this time is that I created a new video. I can’t ask a professional because I don’t have money, but I managed to create it by myself. I made a promotional video for my original song “mwah!mwah!mwah!”.

This time I would like to talk about the title of this song “mwah!mwah!mwah!”.

The Japanese lyrics say “chu!chu!chu!” and the sound that Japanese make when kissing their cheek lightly is described as”chu!chu!chu!”. I was worried about how to translate this” chu!chu!chu!” into a foreign language. After doing some research, I learned that in foreign countries, light kisses are expressed using the onomatopoeic word”mwah!mwah!mwah!”, so I named the song “mwah!mwah!mwah!”.

However, in this song, not only the onomatopoeia “chu!chu!chu!” but also the onomatopoeia “chulu!chulu!chulu!” This “chulu!chulu!chulu!” is used by Japanese people when they eat noodles. Lol  The essence of my song is to enjoy the rhyme of”chu!chu!chu!” and “chulu!chulu!chulu!” .”mwah!mwah!mwah!” doesn’t rhyme.

So, “mwah!mwah!mwah!” doesn’t convey the fun of what I’m singing, but if you watch the video, you’ll understand what I wanted to sing to some extent.

Why don’t you take a look at the video? I think you don’t understand the lyrics, but the song is good. I look forward to talking with you about the differences in onomatopoeia in different countries.

You can download YUKIO original Japanese songs! Would you like to listen? You can also listen to it. 

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