Today is Sunday. I always go to the next town Nakano on Sundays. Nakano has a building called Broadway, and there are various shops in it. Unlike the real Broadway in New York, no musicals are played, but there is a Japanese-style figure shop and so on.
Recently, a lot of foreigners have visited, and more than half seem to be tourists from overseas.
There is a record shop specializing in Japanese enka in Nakano Broadway. Enka singers are holding mini-lives in the shop, but I also plan to sing there.
But I am not an enka singer.
I may not be able to sing at the store, but there are songs that are somewhat similar to Enka. Let me introduce the song this time. It is a song called “sea”. Actually there is no drum in this song. In this live video I only play the guitar but in the recording I only have two guitars and a bass. It’s different from Western music. I would like to release this song a little later. For now, please listen to this guitar version. Music distribution

I tried to put an advertisement in New York.

The other day, I tried to advertise my music in New York on Facebook.

I tried to put out my live announcement ad in Tokyo several times in the past, but there was almost no response, but there was an unexpected response this time. People in New York have good music sense! (Im kidding.) What kind of people are uncle over 40s who listened to my Japanese song? Are you working under pressure? Your life is yet to come.

Let’s do our best to each other!

Music distribution