Does anyone have a good translation of the lyrics of my original song into English?

Hello, everyone speaks English. I don’t speak much English. I sing original Japanese songs. When I write this blog, I always input simple Japanese into Google translation and translate it into English. Google translation is useful, but sometimes it doesn’t translate well.
I also use Google translation to translate my YouTube channel videos, but I don’t think that my original lyrics are well expressed in English.
Does anyone have a good translation of the lyrics of my original song into English? I am looking for someone who can translate Japanese into English!
If you translate it well, I don’t have much money so I would like to give you natto.
Because I ’m a natto singer. (Lol)
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Actually I studied French when I was young.

The other day I confessed that my father was an English teacher but he had never been abroad, but this time I would like to introduce myself.
Actually I was studying French when I was a university student. I studied for four years, but now I can not speak French at all. What did I study for? But it was not a waste. I studied French to write this blog. If you do not use a language, you will forget everything. In order to study French again, I pulled out of the old French textbooks.
I have a feeling that I studied French so much when I was young, but it is meaningless if I do not use French. I change my feelings and try to study French again. And I want to go to France someday. Will anyone of French who is interested in Japan be my friend? If so, my French development may be a little faster.
And can you listen to my original Japanese song? I think there is no such song around you. Thank you for reading this sentence. I dream of being able to meet you someday somewhere. Music distribution