Hello World. I am a singer singing an unpopular Japanese song. This is the original song. Would you like to listen to a Japanese song? It’s a little different from English songs. Are you tired of listening to only English songs? Let’s listen to Asian-flavored Japanese songs!
This time I will introduce a song called “Fireball”. “Fireball” is a psychic phenomenon that appears in night graveyards in Japan. The soul of the dead appears as a “fireball” on summer nights. In Japan, it is called “Kimodameshi” and it goes around the grave on a midsummer night. Some girls cry. My body is dead, but I’m still dead! It’s burning like a fireball! Sings. It’s a great song in summer. Let’s be cool by seeing the ghosts.
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I made a new music album called “Moon”.

Hello! Everyone in the English speaking world. I sing an original Japanese song. No one knows me in Japan, but I write good songs. I want more people around the world to know my music.
A new music album has been announced in March. This is my fifth work. The title of the fifth album is “Moon”. Contains 10 songs. You can download music with iTunes or Google Play. It should have a slightly different impression from English songs. Want to listen to Japanese songs?
Please buy it if you like it. And I’m glad if you send me a letter. I can’t speak English well, but I’ll do my best to reply!
Please listen to “Moon”.
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Please listen to the single cut song “Fuji Flower”
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Does anyone have a good translation of the lyrics of my original song into English?

Hello, everyone speaks English. I don’t speak much English. I sing original Japanese songs. When I write this blog, I always input simple Japanese into Google translation and translate it into English. Google translation is useful, but sometimes it doesn’t translate well.
I also use Google translation to translate my YouTube channel videos, but I don’t think that my original lyrics are well expressed in English.
Does anyone have a good translation of the lyrics of my original song into English? I am looking for someone who can translate Japanese into English!
If you translate it well, I don’t have much money so I would like to give you natto.
Because I ’m a natto singer. (Lol)
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Actually I studied French when I was young.

The other day I confessed that my father was an English teacher but he had never been abroad, but this time I would like to introduce myself.
Actually I was studying French when I was a university student. I studied for four years, but now I can not speak French at all. What did I study for? But it was not a waste. I studied French to write this blog. If you do not use a language, you will forget everything. In order to study French again, I pulled out of the old French textbooks.
I have a feeling that I studied French so much when I was young, but it is meaningless if I do not use French. I change my feelings and try to study French again. And I want to go to France someday. Will anyone of French who is interested in Japan be my friend? If so, my French development may be a little faster.
And can you listen to my original Japanese song? I think there is no such song around you. Thank you for reading this sentence. I dream of being able to meet you someday somewhere. Music distribution