Coronavirus is spreading

The coronavirus is now widespread around the world, but it is finally starting to spread in Tokyo, Japan. Tomorrow, the Japanese Prime Minister will declare an emergency. Thanks to this virus, various events including the Tokyo Olympics have been canceled. Not only large-scale events but also all live shows singing in small bars in cities like me.
What happens to those who made money at the event? Will the government guarantee it? But guaranteeing them all means the government itself will run out of money. What will happen in the world? Let’s listen to my original song in such a difficult time! There is no bright future, but at least you can enjoy just your feelings.
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I’m a sushi singer

It’s starting to get cold. I thought it was summer all year round, but that’s not the case. Japan has four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. However, if the heat continues for a long time, autumn is almost shortened and winter is likely to start soon.
Listen to my original song without losing the cold! It will be fine.
Would you like to listen to my song while eating at sushi?
Japanese sushi is delicious.
Sushi singer is waiting for you. (Lol)
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I started singing at Inokashira Park.

Hello, everyone speaks English. I don’t speak English very well, but I want to communicate with you. I speak in Japanese because I am Japanese, and I sing the original song I wrote in Japanese. Isn’t it natural? However, there are more people on the planet who speak English than people who speak Japanese. I want more people to listen to my original song. There are many good songs in songs composed in Japanese. Do you feel like listening to the trial?
I recently started singing at Inokashira Park, a famous park in Japan. I sing every weekend. It feels good to sing in nature. If you come to Japan, please drop in at Inokashira Park. I might be singing. Music distribution

Bonsai Soul

What is shown in this photo is a moss ball. It is a kind of bonsai that Japan boasts. This moss ball was left in my garden and gave water this morning. Japanese people like moss.
Some people in Japan are making a living with bonsai. Bonsai, in particular, looks cool in summer. The green of moss is kind to eyes. Would you like to come to Japan and look at bonsai? And please listen to my original song. You may see the bonsai soul. Music distribution


Today’s Japan is hot. Cool days continued this year, but it has finally become hot. I want to go on a trip when summer comes. But in recent years there has been nowhere to go. Unfortunately there are no plans for a summer trip again this year. If I do not get a good job, I will not be happy no matter where I go. I’m just going to a nearby spa.
In Japan’s summer, a lot of moths are loud and noisy. However, Japanese people think that summer has come when they hear the roaring cry. The Japanese go to the grave in summer, but there is a roar ringing around the grave. Obon, August 15th, but all Japanese will return to their parents’ home. And we offer our ancestors. I sing the original song of the Japanese homecoming. Please listen. Music distribution