Would you like to listen to the Japanese reggae?

Hello, everyone of the English-speaking world. I couldn’t write this blog because I was too busy, but I’m going to write it after a long time. I had a little time.
This summer in Japan was also hot. The rainy season didn’t end very quickly, but it was really hot after the end. It’s getting cooler recently, but it’s still hot. Drinking beer is essential. It may be due to global warming.
Listen to reggae! Would you like to listen to the Japanese reggae that I composed? If you listen to this song, the heat will blow away.
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Japanese reggae

It has just rained now. Japan is the rainy season. I feel that there is a lot of rain this year. In the Kyushu region, it is news that many people are evacuated by heavy rain.
Full-scale summer begins when the rainy season is over. I would like to introduce a song that suits summer in my song. The song title is “STANDING STILL”.
I used to work as a part-time worker for security guards, and I had to stand for a long time, and even if I wanted to sit I couldn’t sit. The rhythm is reggae, and unlike the soft reggae here and there, it is a Bob Marley-style hard reggae.
It is Japanese reggae, but it is good! Do you not listen? Music distribution