Hello everyone. September has come. How are you? Japan is still hot and my home is air-conditioned. I want to drink beer at night. I want to stop drinking, but I can’t stop it when it’s so hot. I have a medical checkup in October, so I will try my best to refrain from drinking.
One of my songs is “ DRINKING SAKE,TOGETHER ”. This song was written at the funeral of my wife’s father, and he also liked to drink. I think he came to tell the farewell from the world while drinking alcohol at the funeral. I can’t drink with him anymore in this world, but I’d like to have fun with him again in heaven. It is a fun memory of summer. Music distribution

Drinking sake, together.

Today I would like to introduce my own original song. The song title is “Drinking sake, together.”

This song is a song that remembers the time of the funeral that my wife’s father died. It is set that the people who came to the funeral and the father of the wife who went to heaven exchange the last greeting while drinking sake through my song. Whenever I sing this song, I can not stop tears.

In Japan, there is a good wine called sake made from rice. Will you go drinking sake with me?

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