fish song

There is a French phrase “ça va”. When pronounced “ça va,” it seems to mean “I’m fine. but when pronounced “ça va,” it probably reminds Japanese people of the fish “saba” (mackerel). For Japanese people, mackerel is a fish that they eat all year round. I also eat a lot of mackerel. LOL!

Grilled mackerel with soy sauce, served with rice and miso soup, is the best way to enjoy it. It is not the way to eat mackerel mixed with olive oil, etc. LOL!

As you know, Japanese people love fish and will eat anything fish. Because of this, they are very picky about the taste of fish. You wouldn’t know the difference between mackerel and horse mackerel. Akinata fish has a longer body than mackerel and horse mackerel. You probably don’t know that. The bonito caught in spring is called “Haru-katsuo” and the bonito caught in fall is called “Modori-katsuo”. Eating fish is also a way for Japanese people to feel the seasons.

However, the price of fish has been gradually rising in Japan, and eating fish is now more expensive than eating meat. However, the other day I saw a report on TV that a grilled fish set meal at a Japanese restaurant in New York costs 5,000 yen ($40) due to the recent inflation.

How is it possible that a grilled fish set meal costs 5,000 yen ($40)? I thought I would rather eat a high-class French meal. I am sure that not only I but every Japanese would like to see a New Yorker’s face eating a $40 yaki-fish set meal.

The Japanese are fussy about fish. LOL As one would expect from the birthplace of sushi. LOL But actually, I am an eater and can’t cook fish. I can’t cook fish, but I can sing Japanese songs that don’t sell.

Would you like to listen to my original song as background music while eating grilled fish set menus? I’m sure it’ll whet your appetite. Of course, I’ll keep it cheap, not priced like a restaurant in New York!

Just make sure you eat it with soy sauce. LOL!

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Natto power

By the way, everyone who doesn’t speak Japanese! Gobusatashiteorimasu. How were you Does anyone read this blog! ??
This time, I introduced it once before, but I would like to take up the Japanese food “natto” again.

What is “natto”? It is a fermented food made by fermenting soybeans with natto bacteria. When “natto” is mixed with chopsticks, it becomes sticky and gives off a unique odor. Put it on white rice and eat it. All foreigners hate this “natto”, but all Japanese people east of Tokyo love it! However, Japanese people west of Osaka don’t like “natto”. (Laughs) I have a habit of eating “natto” every morning. Each person eats “natto” by mixing various things as he likes, but I love to mix and eat the representative chopped green onions. And usually Japanese people eat “natto” with soy sauce (Japanese soul sauce! Lol), but I don’t sprinkle soy sauce! What is it! I may be Japanese, not Japanese.

And every morning, I had the “natto” rice and miso soup. Natto rice and miso soup are Japanese breakfast scenes. (Laughs) In this way, my body moves with “natto” power. English songs are good, but Japanese songs with “natto” power are also good!

I think “natto” is quietly placed in the corner of Japanese food in supermarkets around the world, so why not try it once? At that time, try eating while listening to my original song. It’s so delicious that you may be impressed! Or maybe you’ll fall into hell. (smile)

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Would you like to listen to my soy sauce song?

Tokyo is cloudy today. The summer heat has gradually disappeared and it has become cooler. Autumn has come. I stopped drinking for these two days. My blood pressure has increased. Perhaps my physical condition has gone wrong due to heavy drinking and the turn of the season. Actually, I want to stop drinking.
Breakfast was only egg tofu, tomato, spinach and natto. I don’t add soy sauce to natto. Because blood pressure goes up.
But I am a soy sauce singer. Add soy sauce to the sushi. Would you like to listen to my soy sauce song? This is a Japanese song. Please listen. Music distribution

Soy sauce singer

Today is Saturday. Even though it is a restful day, I somehow get up early on Saturday morning. Blood pressure may have been high. When I got up and measured my blood pressure, the lower part of the blood pressure showed a fairly high number. Speaking of which, I feel like I drank too much last night. And I may have consumed too much salty food.
Japanese people like salty meals. We drink miso soup daily and soy sauce on any side dishes.
You can eat sushi anywhere in the world, but in Japan sushi is served with soy sauce. Japanese can not live without soy sauce. (Lol)
If you go down to the airport in Korea you’ll smell kimchi, if you go down to the airport in Japan someone joked that the smell of soy sauce would be.
Soy sauce is an essential condiment for Japanese people, but it is extremely salty.
Recently, modest soy sauce has also been released, but the taste will be slightly reduced. Compared to Westerners, Japanese people are too salty and stroke and heart attack are the second and third causes of death.
So please call me a soy sauce singer.
Soy sauce is delicious, though I can not put it in sake. (Lol)
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