I made two playlists on Spotify.

Hello! I usually write this blog on Sundays, but today is a weekday, and it’s the end of the rainy season, so it’s raining outside.

Now, there’s a reason why I decided to write today. I created two new playlists on Spotify, and I wanted to introduce them to you.

The two playlists are “ラテンなYUKIO-YUKIO Latin” and “ハードロックなYUKIO-YUKIO Hard Rock”. They feature my original songs with Latin rhythms and hard rock vibes, respectively.

In the past, I’ve made several playlists as part of my music streaming service strategy, but I always felt unsure about the purpose of making them. I ended up creating a lot of random playlists without a clear motive. However, I believe these two new playlists are quite good.

Previously, I focused on creating albums, aiming to convey my world view through the entire album. While that hasn’t changed, I realized that creating playlists offers a different way of experiencing my music.

A different perspective from the album’s world view…

This new approach involves grouping similar songs from my original works. “ラテンなYUKIO-YUKIO Latin” includes songs with Latin rhythms, and “ハードロックなYUKIO-YUKIO Hard Rock” features hard rock songs. These playlists reflect this idea. If albums represent a vertical axis, then playlists represent a horizontal axis.

Spotify Playlist: ラテンなYUKIO-YUKIO Latin

Why did I come to this realization? It’s because I’ve been listening to similar playlists myself for years! I didn’t create actual playlists, but I selected and listened to these songs in order during my morning or lunchtime breaks. I found the sequence enjoyable. Especially in this season, “ラテンなYUKIO-YUKIO Latin” feels refreshing when listened to in the hot summer. The other playlist, “ハードロックなYUKIO-YUKIO Hard Rock”, feels intensely hot and exhilarating when listened to on a scorching summer day, like eating spicy curry or mapo tofu while sweating profusely.

Spotify Playlist: ハードロックなYUKIO-YUKIO Hard Rock

Spotify is a free streaming service, so why not give these playlists a listen? They are perfect for summer. As the creator, I assure you won’t be disappointed. If you like them, please follow me.

Spotify Artist Page: YUKIO

Available for download and purchase, with plenty of previews! Give it a listen! If you like it, you can purchase it through credit card or PayPal.

  • YUKIO Fifteen songs with guitar accompaniment and vocals
  • YUKIO PIANO Thirteen piano accompaniment with vocals songs
  • COCOLO Thirteen band-formatted songs
  • SUN Thirteen band-formatted songs 
  • MOON Ten band-formatted songs
  • AOMORI Mini album of 5 songs
  • STORY Thirteen band-formatted songs

I’m distributing my music on various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Line Music, and Amazon Music. I recommend listening to my work through these platforms. CDs are also available for purchase

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Japan today is also hot. It ’s almost the end of September, but it ’s like August. It seems that the clock has advanced one month earlier for the past 10 years. Actually I’m doing music distribution with spotify. Please listen to Japanese songs. Some expressions cannot be expressed in English. Would you like to listen to my song as a trial? There are various songs. here you go
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Drinking sake, together.

Today I would like to introduce my own original song. The song title is “Drinking sake, together.”

This song is a song that remembers the time of the funeral that my wife’s father died. It is set that the people who came to the funeral and the father of the wife who went to heaven exchange the last greeting while drinking sake through my song. Whenever I sing this song, I can not stop tears.

In Japan, there is a good wine called sake made from rice. Will you go drinking sake with me?

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