Coronavirus is spreading

The coronavirus is now widespread around the world, but it is finally starting to spread in Tokyo, Japan. Tomorrow, the Japanese Prime Minister will declare an emergency. Thanks to this virus, various events including the Tokyo Olympics have been canceled. Not only large-scale events but also all live shows singing in small bars in cities like me.
What happens to those who made money at the event? Will the government guarantee it? But guaranteeing them all means the government itself will run out of money. What will happen in the world? Let’s listen to my original song in such a difficult time! There is no bright future, but at least you can enjoy just your feelings.
Music distribution

Do you not listen to my natto song this year?

Happy New Year, everyone in the world. How did you live for the New Year?
I used my New Year holidays to mix and master my own songs. I finally managed to complete the song I had recorded a year ago. Release is still a little further. Not everyone is expected, but there are many good songs! Why don’t you listen to the songs that have been announced before that?
It is an original song in Japanese. Are you tired of listening to English songs only? There are various songs in Asian Japan that do not imitate American and European songs.
Do you not listen to my natto song this year? Why don’t you come to see my concert after the Tokyo Olympics? It is not famous, but the price is cheap. And let’s eat sushi together! Tell us about your country.
Music distribution

Won’t you come to listen to my music concert on the return of the Tokyo Olympics?

Recently I will see foreigners wherever I go to Tokyo. It may be because the Japanese government is focusing on attracting tourists. The city I live in is also full of foreigners. White people and black people can be immediately identified as Japanese, but Chinese and Korean people have similar faces, so I think they are Japanese. But when I listen to their speeches, I do not understand what they are talking about.
It is expected that next year there will be more foreigners at the Tokyo Olympics. But I am not so interested in the Tokyo Olympics. If the government spends money at the Olympics, I think it would be better to use it for the benefit of those who are a little more fortunate.
If the Olympics are something that only rich people can enjoy, isn’t it necessary?
I think there are many people in Japan who are thinking like this, including myself.
Anyway, the Olympics will come to Tokyo, so I can only enjoy it.
Would you like to come to my music concert as well?
As I will service, you’ll get in the live bar for cheap rates. Please come and listen to my original song next year. Let’s drink Japanese sake after listening to my song. Music distribution