Coronavirus is spreading

The coronavirus is now widespread around the world, but it is finally starting to spread in Tokyo, Japan. Tomorrow, the Japanese Prime Minister will declare an emergency. Thanks to this virus, various events including the Tokyo Olympics have been canceled. Not only large-scale events but also all live shows singing in small bars in cities like me.
What happens to those who made money at the event? Will the government guarantee it? But guaranteeing them all means the government itself will run out of money. What will happen in the world? Let’s listen to my original song in such a difficult time! There is no bright future, but at least you can enjoy just your feelings.
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How are you all? Tokyo today is hot after a long time. According to the weather forecast, it will be cooler tomorrow. A typhoon came last weekend, but it seems to come again this weekend. Japanese houses are small, so when a typhoon comes, they are blown away by the wind. just kidding.
This summer was also hot after all. It was cool before summer, but it was getting hotter in August. Now I want the winter to come soon. Please listen to my original song with such hope. This is a song called “snow”. Let’s cool by listening to this song! Music distribution

Typhoon direct hit

Hello everyone. Last night, a typhoon hit Tokyo. Unprecedented winds were blowing and the rain was down. All of Tokyo’s trains this morning have stopped and traffic is very crowded.
The roof plate at the entrance of my house was falling.
Now that the typhoon has passed, it has become extremely hot and humid again. It does not seem to be the temperature in September.
This weekend is my song concert. Would you like to listen? It may be a little cooler then. Music distribution

horn owl appears in Asagaya, Tokyo. Horn owl singer Yukio

horn owl in ASAGAYA

Recently, horn owl has appeared suddenly in Asagaya, Tokyo, which is a hot topic. I go to Asagaya every week and listen to classical music at a coffee shop. I went to Asagaya yesterday, but I could not see this horn owl.

I am an unpopular singer, but the horn owl that appeared in Asagaya has become popular, and I also wanted to become this horn owl. Just doing strange things to get popularity can not be helped, so I only have to aspire my way straight. I only sing in Japanese, please listen. You should know that if you listen to my songs it’s a good song. I’ll do my best!Music distribution