The guitar album “YUKIO” is now available for download.

Hello everyone who speaks English. long time no see. I haven’t heard from you. How are you? I don’t think anyone has read this blog, so I write it as I like. (Lol)

Actually, what I was doing without writing this blog was that I had a page for download sales of my songs on pages other than this blog page on my homepage. This work was quite time-consuming.

Thanks to you, I can now sell the 15 songs of my first guitar album “YUKIO” on the web. You can easily download it from your smartphone with Paypal payment. It costs 150 yen per song. How cheap! (Laughs) If you shop at Paypal, why not buy it?

You can listen to all songs on the guitar page of my homepage, Compared to listening on Apple Music or Spotify, the listening time is set as long as possible so that you can understand the essence of the song. If you listen to it and like it, you can jump to the page of each song and purchase it. The audition file is mp3, but the download file is uncompressed wav. Unlike mp3, wav has very good sound quality!

You can also download all 15 songs from the album at once. As the author, the whole album is a concept album, so I hope you will listen to all 15 songs at once.

I must also mention the contents of the guitar album “YUKIO”. This work is all sung with one acoustic guitar. The structure is quite simple, and it’s as simple as it gets. Only the skeleton of the song is shown. (Laughs) The reason why this happened is that I’ve been in bands with various people for a long time, but I feel like I’ve ruined my song by arranging it, and then I myself. I thought that the simplest way to sing only what I wanted to express would reach the ears of others.

However, as you’ll understand if you listen carefully, each song in this album has a different rhythm and a different composition. If you are a musician with great talent, you can make a wide variety of arrangements. If you’re not interested, these songs are junk. (Lol)

Why don’t you listen to the 15 songs in the guitar album “YUKIO”? If you’re just listening to the intricate and trendy English songs right now, something fresh may sprout in your heart. Complex things aren’t always nice. (Lol)

simple is best!

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I’ll buy you a drink or two.

Hi, how is everyone? The Tokyo Olympics have just started. I’m sure there will be a lot of heated competition in various events every day from now on. I live in Tokyo, and yesterday the sound of airplanes was loud until midnight. Be quiet! I couldn’t help shouting to the sky.

As you all know, this Olympics will be held without spectators. I was expecting a quieter start, but it turned out to be a noisy one.

It seems that the number of people who were planning to come to Tokyo has been narrowed down a lot, and all those people should stay at home and listen to Japanese songs while watching the Olympics! You don’t have to listen to those famous Japanese songs. It’s pretty boring.

Instead of those songs, let’s listen to my original song! It’s pretty cool. It has a unique fun factor that English songs don’t have.

You can’t come to Japan for the Olympics this time, but if you like my music, please come and see my live performance in the future. I’ll be waiting for you. I’ll buy you a drink or two!

Music streaming now!

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Hello everyone, is YUKIO. I can only speak basic Japanese, but I do blogs in foreign languages for some reason.
In fact, I sing the original song I made myself. It is a Japanese song. Have you ever listened to Japanese songs? its funny!
This time, I would like to introduce a song that I will take a bath together. Do you have a bath together as a couple? We couples enter separately. (Lol) However, it is better to take a bath together. Let’s talk about various things while taking a bath! You should feel happy.
You should see something. Music distribution

It is an original song of Japanese. Highway In The Rain

Japan is rainy today. It is a rainy Sunday. There is “Highway in the Rain” in my song.
This song is the lyrics to drive fast by car meaninglessly on the rainy highway. People tend to speed up their cars when the roads are open. A highway that has rained is extremely dangerous.
However, there may be somewhere in the heart of people who enjoy such dangers. I tried to sing that feeling.
Would you like to listen to this song? Music distribution

Should I ate a tomato?

I always write this blog during the daytime, but now it is the evening. It is fine today, but we have a weather forecast that it will rain again from tomorrow. Let’s dry the laundry while it is sunny.

It seems to be hot wherever we go this year because of global warming, and it may be better to have cooling in the room and take a rest. The stems of cucumbers and bitter gourd planted outside the house are growing. I also ate the cucumber fruit that was first created this year in bread the other day. Two tomato fruits are also growing.

However, the other day an unknown man pissed on the tomato the other morning. A neighbor discovered and chased him, but unfortunately she lost sight of him. Tomatoes are getting redder and getting bigger. Should I eat this tomato? It’s fertilized even though it’s human urine.

What should I do? Recently I have trouble with it and I can not sleep at night. it’s a joke. (Laughs) Music delivery