natto singer YUKIO

I wrote earlier that I like natto, but I ate natto this morning.

Natto is good for health. Japanese do not eat only sushi, and we also eat natto.

There is no word natto power, but I declare a natto singer here.

To people who like natto all over the world! Would you like to listen to my Japanese natto song?

There is also a song called Serenade for the dinner. This song is a song that follows memories with old girlfriend while eating natto. Please listen by all means. Music distribution

I tried to put an advertisement in New York.

The other day, I tried to advertise my music in New York on Facebook.

I tried to put out my live announcement ad in Tokyo several times in the past, but there was almost no response, but there was an unexpected response this time. People in New York have good music sense! (Im kidding.) What kind of people are uncle over 40s who listened to my Japanese song? Are you working under pressure? Your life is yet to come.

Let’s do our best to each other!

Music distribution

Spring has come.

In Japanese textbooks, it starts with these words. Tokyo is fine today. If the weather is fine, there is a song called “answer” in my song. The content of this song is to throw away your shoes and head for somewhere on a clear day. At the end, while whistling, towards the sea, life is a journey in my heart and sings. I can not translate well, but would you like to listen if you are interested? Music distribution

COCOLO(my heart,my soul and my blue) Japanese jazz

The song “COCOLO” is my representative song.

It is difficult to translate “COCOLO”. I think that usually it translates to “heart”. However, the content of the song that I want to express is something that can not be expressed with “heart” alone, I also wanted to have the meaning of “soul”. I also added one more black music “blue”.

So I translated this song name as “my heart, my soul and my blue”.

The song is quite difficult, but I think you can listen comfortably.

I am affected by Miles Davis. Would you like to listen to this song?

 It is a live version.Music distribution

Doll’s Festival in Japan

Today March 3rd, events for girls It is “Hina Matsuri”.

Japanese people display a set of dolls and pray for the sound growth of girls in the family.

I ate a chirashi-zushi from the morning at home. “Chirashi-zushi” is a kind of sushi with many scattered toppings such as salmon roe and sashimi on vinegared rice.

However, chirashi-zushi and sushi are completely different foods.

I wonder if I will make sushi songs next time?

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